Rage - All Over! Where is Rage Coming From? No More Snakes on a Plane - NOW, It's Strangulation on a Plane!

Be very aware, the person sitting behind you, beside you, or in front of you on your next flight may be the "last" person you see on earth.  He or she just might be your killer.  Rage on the plane is now real!



Man Chokes Woman on

Southwest Airlines Jet for

Reclining Her Seat, Witnesses Say

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Here's a hint.  Why don't we all just "simmer down!" We all are going to die at some time.  Why rush things along.

Please look at the images from the 1970's above that occurred during the Carter administration in the 1970's.  Gas rationing. "Even" license plates on one day, "odd" the next.  No gas on Sundays!  That's when you could get gas. The lines. Oh, the patience. Just look once again at the photos above.  Thousands of people standing in line for gasoline.  If you were not alive then or where just a young child, can you believe that these lines produced very little violence?  No looting of gas stations to "steal" gas.

Yes, there was anger. Real anger. But people were angry with the administration, the world. We needed, wanted gasoline, oil, to keep our cars running.  But because of poor diplomacy, extremely poor leadership, and refusal to understand what most smart people know now - we needed to be energy independent.  These "lines" were caused by politicians fighting with each other over OPEC and the mideast situation.

But I do not remember RAGE playing a role in this, as angry and frustrated as people were. No shootings, no stabbings, no major police actions.  People were angry with the administration, but understood that we were all in this together.  It wasn't our fault.  It wasn't my fault. It wasn't the person standing or driving next to me's fault. It was the President's fault; yet, no one took this out on the people in line.  

If this were to happen TODAY, just think of the violence, the shootings, the drive by violence.

Today, RAGE is everywhere.  The Chicago Tribune updated its tally of Chicago shooting victims today, bringing up the total of those shot to 1,129 between January and June of 2014. According to the Tribune, there were 2,185 shooting victims in Chicago last year.

Consider the following recent headlines

  • Police hunt suspect in road rage attack that killed Las Vegas mom

  • Woman shot in the head in rush hour road rage incident

  • Man 'Confessed' To Girl's Road Rage Killing

I could go on and on with these headlines.  Add in the absolutely grizzling and horror of these deaths and the deaths of so many police officers (even the "law" is no immune to rage and anger).  Think of the "black lives matter" chant "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon" and  “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!”  Shootings of innocent people.  The accidental killings of young people by stray bullets fired from street thug guns.  You know the story.  No need to continue this narrative.

However, RAGE ON THE PLANE?????  

Consider this recent story appearing in Yahoo News Source on October 19, 2015.  

A Southwest Airlines jet was forced to turn back and make an emergency landing at LAX after a male passenger allegedly began choking a woman because she reclined her seat, witnesses said.

Flight 2010, bound for San Francisco, turned around  late Sunday night about 30 minutes into the journey because of a “rapidly escalating situation involving passengers who were not traveling together,” the airline said in a statement.

"Flight 2010, declaring an emergency," the pilot says in audio from the flight. "Evidently we've got two passengers that are in a physical altercation."

Read: American Airlines flight Delayed By 1,000 Bees Found Beneath Plane Wing

Witnesses reported the woman said a man sitting behind her tried to strangle her because she put her seat back, NBC News said.

The unidentified man was detained by Los Angeles Airport Police, but no arrests have been made, Los Angeles FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller told INSIDE EDITION.

We all need to settle down.  "Simmer down" as the video at the very beginning of the story indicates.  Settle down.  I know it's difficult.  Losing a loved one to violence has to be the most horrific feeling one could possibly have.  Total helplessness.  

However, to take this outrage out on people because the put the plane seat back?  

I must admit.  I hate when people do this to me. I am 6'4" and do not fly anymore because of the small seats, the small seating spaces, and the fact that the "little" person in front of me seems as if he could not care less about my comfort - as long as he is comfortable.  Being 6'4" tall, and having a plane seat back being slammed into my knees is painful.  Very, very painful, and I just had my left knee replaced.  I am afraid of that "slam" when I get on a plane.

Honestly, I would rather not fly than be squeezed into a flying tube like a sardine.  I keep begging my wife for us to spend more money so we can fly first class, but, realistically, that is like throwing money away.  The recent cost of a first class seat - according to national average - is $2,000 per flight.  $2,000?  Is it worth that amount of money just to avoid the claustrophopia of flying "regular" class.  Don't even want to spend the extra money on business class. 

I know many people write about the problems and not ways to stop the violence we see today. Of coure, some violence cannot be prevented.  I cannot stop a stray bullet. I cannot know when an angry policeman stops me.  I cannot know that people following me when I am walking down the street want to beat me up, shoot me, stab me, or rob me.  Those I cannot prevent.

People write article such as this without offering "solutions."  Well, if you want to stay alive without having your life "snuffed" out too early, here are some suggestions:

  • If you are on a plane and someone slams the seat into your knees, know that they are ignorant and do not care about you.  To yell, screem, incite, STRANGLE is not acceptable behavior and will not change the situation.  Sometimes it's better to just really keep one's mouth shut and not say anything.  If you are really angry and can't control it, ask if you can speak "privately" out of cell phone camera range.  Remember, planes are small, tight spaces and everyone can hear every word you say.  So simmer down!
  • If you are stopped for a traffic violation (speeding, running a red light, having a defective rear light bulb, whatever), allow the police officer to do his job.  Do not talk back to him. Do not argue with him.  Do what he tells you to do. Even if you think he or she is wrong. If he asks you to get out of the car, get out of the car.  If he asks you to stop talking, stop talking.  If he asks you to stand on your head, stand on your head.  Then, if you feel any injustices need to be addressed, either take the matter up with his superior or a magistrate. Don't antagonize police officers.  You have no idea what and where they are coming from.  They have a difficult job to do.  *And yes, this happened to me in 2002.  I was falsely taken into custody by a Pittsburgh city police officer.  He "suspected" me of being on drugs.  I was initially pulled over for speeding, which I admit I was - I was on my way to my daughter's parent/teacher conference, and I was late.  I was driving recklessly.  I admit that.  But I didn't deserve to be taken away in handcuffs.  I was handcuffed, held and detained in a jail cell in the Hill District for three hours and denied a phone call.  No one knew where I was at that time.  Only to be told after the third hour - "We're sorry. We were wrong.  You can go now." And they happily drove me back to my car and I went on my way.  I did nothing wrong, but more importantly, I didn't overreact.  I didn't throw a tantrum.  I didn't resist.  I didn't try to run away. I didn't pull away from them when they handcuffed me. I didn't struggle for for his gun. Things you are not supposed to do.   I WAS extremely afraid because I didn't know where this was going because I had done nothing wrong.  But it ended well.  So simmer down!
  • Don't break the law.  If you break the law, the police usually are not angry with you (unless you murder someone).  If you do break the law, you expect to be arrested.  Don't fight with the police.  So simmer down!
  • If someone tries to run you off the road in your car or bike, just pull off to the side of the road and let that person speed to where he/she wants to go.  Do not antagonize the irresponsible person by having a "dog fight" in a car or play "chicken" in a vehicle.  Even if you are really, really angry, the person who just ran you off the road might be a psychotic person with a gun.  It's better to let that pass.  And no, don't give him the finger.  So simmer down!
  • If someone in a car cuts you off at an intersection by pulling in front of you at a stop sign or red light, they cut you off.  So what?  No "cut off" if worth losing your life over.  Let that person go on their way, take a deep breath, and go on with your drive.  And no, don't give the person who cut you off the finger.  So simmer down!
  • If you are at a bar or a party and some stupid drunk person spills a beer or glass of wine on you, don't fight that person.  You can be angry.  You can express your anger, but if you see that the person who just offended you is out of control, it is not worth losing your life over by starting an actual fight.  So simmer down!
  • If your neighbor's dog bites your dog or bites you, you don't have to kill your neighbor. the local police and justice system is built to solve those types of problems.  So simmer down!
  • If you own a gun, keep it safe, out of the hands of children, locked, and placed in a cabinet or closet that is locked or that a young child OR a person who has a history of angry, mental disease can get to the gun.  If you child has demonstrated angry behavior, don't buy him or her guns.  You have seen how that has gone in the past.  So simmer down!
  • Regardless of the "infraction" against you, stay calm.  It isn't the end of the world. You can control your own anger, but you cannot control someone else's anger.  All you need to to is NOT incite the situation any more than it already is.  So simmer down!
  • And let's stop giving everyone the finger.  It's funny.  It doesn't mean anything.  It has worn out its welcome.  So simmer down!


Remember, just simmer down! it just might save your life!