It's "The Russians." (Quick, BuzzFeed, I Need To Speak With You. I Have The Document). The Russians Are Not The Bogeyman You Think, Unless You Know Some Kids In South Dakota.

Stephen P. Arch

The United States has a security issue that they are loathe to solve.  We have been inundated daily by stories on the daily news channels, cable networks, major newspapers and magazines, blogs, and their like about how The Russians manipulated the recent Trump presidential victory and "made" Hillary lose.  Yes, it was The Russians, and State is beside itself on how to solve this extremely delicate issue.  President-elect Donald Trump has an issue that President Obama would not address: The Russians.

John Lewis, respected Georgia congressman and statesmen (a man who was in Selma, Alabama with Dr. Martin Luther King, a person who was the recipient of a beat down by then Alabama State police and National Guard) quietly and with a tear in his eyes spoke to Chuck Todd on NBC's "Meet the Press" program that he refuses to accept the Trump presidency as legitimate because Mr. Trump obviously received help and support from The Russians.  He states also that The Russians assisted in causing Hillary Clinton to lose the campaign. "I don't see this president as a 'legitimate' president and should be disqualified because of the support by the Russians."

Speaking to NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd, the Georgia Democrat and civil rights icon was asked if he plans to forge a relationship with Mr. Trump. 

“You know, I believe in forgiveness. I believe in trying to work with people. It will be hard. It’s going to be very difficult. I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president,” Lewis said in an excerpt released Friday. 

Lewis, 76, was asked again if he considers Mr. Trump a legitimate president and why he feels that way.

“No,” he replied. “I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. I don’t plan to attend the inauguration. It will be the first one that I miss since I’ve been in the Congress. You cannot be at home with something that you feel that is wrong, is not right.”  Here's a politician who has been in Washington DC since 1987 (30 years a public servant) and he can't solve the problem that is The Russians.

The reason this is such a touchy issue, an issue that every intelligence source in the federal government knows about but, in truth, if The Russians, the real Russians, are exposed, The Russians who "hacked" the DNC and publicly supported Donald Trump are not the Russians of old, the KGB of the Soviet Union. The real Russians that gained access - even more access than Julian Assange and Wiki-leaks - could muster. Who really are The Russians and why is it so difficult for the CIA, the FBI, and Homeland Security to crack who did what and how it was accomplished?

Here's the real story that Washington doesn't want you to know about and why Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States scoffs at the mention of them when they are brought up at "pressers" - Trump knows the real identity of The Russian hackers and definitely is savvy enough to know why THEY will never be brought to the light of day.

Todd Hileman, Jeffrey Knutson, Michael Patel, and Steven Sundersan appear to be your typical middle school 8th graders at a small school in Spearfish, South Dakota (population 11,000 according to 2015 census figures).  These four 14 year olds (Sundersan is actually 13 years old) have a secret that the the Federal Government knows about but is perplexed on how to deal with these four seemingly normal pre-adolescents and their "secret."  You see, Todd, Jeff, Eddie, and Steve are four extremely technically savvy young men. They grew up in the video game era and quickly became bored playing games and wanted to move up the technology ladder more quickly.  To call these four "tech savvy" or "savants" would be an understatement. Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak have nothing on these four.  They know their way around computers. Hacking into the principal's office at Spearfish High School was so elementary to them that it was laughable.

The fact that they have the social security numbers of every teacher, staff member, and even custodial worker at the Spearfish School District on file in Stevie's closet in a shoe box means absolutely nothing to them. Additionally, possessing the budget figures of the costs of the new gymnasium being built in the district bears no import to them (they could not care less about facts and figures, social security numbers, addresses, and phone numbers). They only care about what it is that the have learned to to do. 

The fact that all four students (average in "regular classes" at best) have nothing but "A" grades on their transcripts, even though they rarely do homework and are completely bored with school.  The fact that they are on the Dean's list at their school is no accident even though the often receive "C" and "B" and an occasional "D" on their report cards. Additionally, the fact that all four play on the basketball team, football team, are on the chess club, the academic games, and almost every other activity at Spearfish Middle School is uncanny.  It is not an accident that not one of these young boys haven't played a minute of basketball, football, attended any chess club or academic games. Yet their transcripts show they are the four most active students in their tiny institution.

And, now, you guessed it.  These four young students have a name that scares the life out of 50, 60, and 70 year old intelligence agents. Yes, that's right. These four students call themselves "The Russians." Why? It seems that Todd was speaking with his father one day about how scary the real Russian government can be, led by Vladimir Putin. Todd discussed the "spectre" of the Russian government and its history with the United States.  Todd basically was not captivated that a county he knew to be the strongest in the world, the United States, would be afraid of such a culture, nuclear weapons notwithstanding.  And, because of the "secret" acts in which these four boys were engaged in, they felt that calling themselves the KGB didn't sound just right. But Jeff blurted out one day that they, the four middle schoolers" were doing basically what the real Russians were doing, he nominated, and it was accepted, that the four would go by the pseudonym "The Russians."  They even made up t-shirts they they regularly wear to school which simply reads "The Russians" with yellow lettering on a red shirt.  

And because Jeff, Todd, Steve, and Michael are considered a bit weird yet normal, no one, not even their parents, question the wearing of the shirts.  One day, Michael's mother did question her son about the shirt, but he just told her it was part of a history project in school - the boys had to pick a country to represent in a debate - and she just went on cooking dinner. 

But that's not the story. One day, the boys were their usual self exploring "things" (their words) that they could manipulate within the cyber world and came across a link that simply was labeled DNC.  The boys argued among themselves to try to figure out what DNC meant, but they did see the name Antony Weiner "pop up" in the postings; they giggled that someone would have the last name of Weiner; so, they investigated.  Almost immediately, they were viewing an email site with the name Hillary Clinton prominently displayed. Hundreds and hundreds of emails addressed to or sent by Hillary Clinton about the 2016 presidential campaign and other sundry details.

After little trepidation, they boys decided to investigate this site.  And, exactly as has been thrown around the media the past months, they had landed upon a jewel - the website and email accounts of the Democratic National Committee, John Podesto, Bill and Hillary Clinton,  Huma Abedin (for a while, they couldn't figure out that name), Debbie Wassermann-Shultz and much more. They had, what turned out, to be the goose that laid the proverbial egg. The Russians had successfully (and by total accident) hacked into and had free reign over the entire DNC's plans to defeat Donald Trump during the election - all the tawdry emails and facts now belonged to The Russians.