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An Honest Appraisal of the author of The Daily Arch

  The Daily Arch writer, editor, publisher Stephen Arch

The Daily Arch writer, editor, publisher Stephen Arch

The Daily Arch comes to you directly from my life in middle class America.  The importance of The Daily Arch is that it links (arches) daily, seemingly normal events involving "seemingly" normal individuals.  Growing up in a large family such as mine and being the "middle" granted me a unique vantage point from which to comment on all of the normal events that took on extraordinary meaning when taken both in and out of context. 

Heck, placing them in context usually makes them more humorous than taking them out of context. It's actually the contextual placement of these people and events that makes them enjoyable.



I have been a hard working English teacher and professor who just did a lot of reflecting on my life which has given me fodder for the stories I tell. I am not a hero in the truest sense of the word.  Consider me more like a modern day tragic/classic hero.  Most may sound much like sarcasm and a lot of tongue in cheek.   Be that as it may, these stories found in these annals are both true and have formed the backbone of my life's travails.  The fact that I grew up Catholic in the 60's and 70's receiving the punishment of "non-teaching. disciplinarian nuns" left an indelible mark on my views toward fairness and "what is right."  I hope my stories reflect this as you look through them and think of the topics.

[Growing up Catholic gave me a definite view of "real" life and formed most of my viewpoint]

Additionally, these postings also will contain music, film, theater, and political reviews with a special slant mixed in with the day to day stories. Some of these stories contain photos that I have taken and included to help you experience my true emotions regarding these stories I am about to tell.  Please enjoy the stories, and hopefully identify with the images. I am not an historian, professional photographer, artist, actor, or director,  In the following pages, I just call them as I see them - they are REAL. A rather large portion of my life led me directly to escaping to movies, novels, poetry, film, and music - all which I take extremely seriously. But since this is my first post, I feel that you might want to know where I am contextualizing my life.

Also, because of my background, a note on my view of life is that "everything is political."  As an English professor, my main area of literary critical study was that of being a Marxist Critic (not in the "communist" sense) - rather looking at all aspects of life (marriage, child rearing, love, novels, plays, poems, essay, etc.) from their political formation and attachment to life's events.  I believe truly that EVERY major work written throughout the world was INSPIRED by some form of politics - locally or nationally - private, personal, or public.  And, with that in mind, all actions taken by humans in this world are political - sometimes a simple "quid pro quo" to attendance at a funeral and so on.  

Hence, the views discussed in my essays are political in nature - you can simply read the stories/essays as personal events that shaped my life; however, included in the narrative of these essays are political statements of those times - times when I was young and moved into adulthood.  Not one essay will appear on these pages that doesn't contain some element of political satire. Marriages are political contracts, having children are political contracts, the workplace environment is a political contract.

Many interesting events took place over the 50+ years of my life.  Some of them very pleasant; some of them not so pleasant - demons that existed daily with which I do battle personally and on even a grander scale.  It is in this context that you will find some painful thoughts, memories, ideas - part therapy to bring them out in the open, part a willingness to share with others who may recognize themselves in these events. It is within these parameters that I set my stories and memories - oh, yes, all of the stories that are contained in this space are true - there shall be no poetic license here adding to some of the pleasant and equally atrocious times in my life. Sarcasm is definitely apparent.  And, I have come to be extremely "snarky" in my life. 

I do hope you read these to understand the complexities of life and ways we are meant to manipulate our short times here on earth - lies the basis for these postings.  Feel free to "read between the line."  

Granted, the stories found in this blog are MY stories and MY interpretations.  Plus, the articles might be a tad long, but they are my narratives.  They are not articles meant to appear in newspapers or magazines.  They are part of a continuing narrative that tell my true story.

And finally, a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending time with my Aunt Gen.  She was my favorite.  I remember my grandmother well, since I was in my 30's when she died.  My grandfather, though, died when I was in third grade.  I remember him vaguely.  I remember sitting on his lap and talking with him. I remember he loved butterscotch candy and always had a piece in his mouth.  He constantly smelled of butterscotch, and every time I smell it, I think of him.  But I didn't really know him.  I had to ask my aunt what he was like and we talked about him. 

Hopefully, when I am gone, and my grandchildren or great grandchildren ask about me, someone can refer them to my blog and read my history in my own words as I "saw" the world when I was alive.  I feel that everyone needs to leave a written record of themselves for posterity's sake.  It is a good thing.